Thunder Tiger Titan X50 torque tube version


With the belt-driven Titan X50B, Thunder Tiger unveiled the ultimate 50-class eCCPM model for all-out, extreme 3D performance. Now comes the eagerly awaited torque tube driven version, Titan X50 Torque-tube version equipped not only with the powerful upgrades of the X50B, but also with some extraordinary new features.


The key difference, of course, is the X50’s highly efficient, torque tube driven tail rotor. It’s perfectly engineered for crisp rudder response and 100% power transfer.
Following through on the promise of its high-tech looks, the X50’s compound carbon/aluminum tail boom adds stiffness and reduces vibration. A rugged metal rotor head delivers the accuracy required for incredible 3D performance. Each tail rotor grip has a dual radial and thrust bearing, outfitting this machine for unprecedented precision and reliability.


Lighter than the original plastic construction, the X50’s one-piece, machined metal tail unit remains impressively strong and durable. Its main shaft, feathering shaft and tail output shaft are all made from heat-treated, hardened stainless steel.
Awesome performance, ultra-smooth handling, ruggedness and value combine to make this the helicopter every experienced pilot has been anxious to find. Experience adrenalin-pumping 3D action without any limits – fly the Thunder Tiger Titan X50.



1. Efficient torque tube drive system for crisp rudder response and 100% power transfer.
2. Lightweight, machined metal tail case (weighs only 26 grams).
3. High-precision, under-slung metal rotor head for awesome 3D performance.
4. Compound carbon/aluminium tail boom to reduce vibration.
5. Lightweight metal tail boom bracket.
6. Hardened 10mm main shaft, 7mm feathering shaft & 5mm tail output shaft.
7. Lengthened receiver tray for receiver LiPo battery.
8. One-piece carbon frame with slim profile (only 30mm wide).
9. Dual radial, single thrust bearings and metal tail grips with 95mm blades.
10. Lightweight and vented clutch bell / Metal-reinforced ribs.
11. Lightweight and vented main and tail gear set design.
12. Lightweight and rugged landing skid.
13. Carbon base plate and carbon fin.
14. Shrouded fan for efficient heat dissipation.
15. Spacious 3-deck tray for electronic devices.
16. Main and header tanks (total capacity: 480cc).
17. High-quality, preprinted fiberglass canopy.
18. Lightweight paddles for 3D (weigh only 20g)
19. +/- 15° Collective & +/- 25° cyclic travel.

Exclusive Torque Tube version features:

Lengthened receiver tray for LiPo
Lightweight Metal tail boom bracket
Efficient Torque Tube drive system
Lightweight machined metal tail case
Compound carbon/aluminium tail boom
One piece carbon frame with slim profile


Full Length of Fuselage: 1,200mm
Full Width of Fuselage: 200mm
Main Rotor Dia : 1,345mm (600mm Main Blades)
Tail Rotor Dia :  260mm (95mm Tail Blades)
Gear Ratio : 8.5:1:4.6
Full Equipped Weight : 3,100g



TT4856K10 – Kit + Fibreglass main blades
TT4856K11 – Kit + RL53 Engine + High Flow Muffler + Carbon Blades


Radio equipment
Starting equipment


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