Stick it with BOLT


MacGregor Industries has introduced a new range of model adhesives to the UK market. Manufactured in the Czech Republic from top quality monomers, BOLT is currently available as a thin, medium and thick cyanoacrylate in half ounce and one ounce bottles.

Ancillary products include BOLT OFF debonder, also in ½oz and 1oz bottles. BOLT Tips are replacement caps and nozzles, while BOLT Application Pipe is available in 0.5mm and 1mm sizes for fine application work. Cut off a small amount of tube and fit to the standard nozzle as required.

Each bottle is topped off with nitrogen gas before sealing. This helps keep the glue inside as fresh as possible until the nozzle is cut open for use. In addition, BOLT is shipped in nitrogen filled bags, which protects the contents even further. So if you are buying a large amount of glue for a large project or to share with club-mates, we recommend buying it in ‘trade bag’ quantities so that it can be kept in its nitrogen filled environment until needed in your workshop. Just 8 bottles in the ½oz size and 5 bottles in the 1oz size. This way you’ll receive them in tip-top condition, surrounded by nitrogen gas.


Try BOLT for your next build. It’s great glue at a very competitive price.


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