Revolectrix GT1000 Duo – The range of Revolectrix chargers are brought into the UK by battery specialists OptiPower. Naturally they recommend using a quality charger like the GT1000 Duo to best look after your investment so we put the unit through its paces.

Align T-Rex 500X – Align have been working through their line up, updating them and branding them X. The 500 is the latest Align heli to be given a make-over that now sports a new main frame and head, as well as the excellent Microbeast flybarless system.

DJI Phantom 4 Pro – The Phantom shape is synonymous with drones and whilst the silhouette may appear not to change, the names and spec does. Tom Stacey gets to fly the latest Phantom 4 in Pro guise and tests the new features.

Align T-Rex 470LP – Following on from the release of the metallic version of the Align T-Rex 470 dubbed the LM (that we reviewed in issue 127 of Rotorworld, we take a look at the more economical plastic version in the form of the T-Rex 470LP Dominator.

Rotor Live 2017 – We report back from one of the first big meetings of the tear and Rotor Live from Iffezheim in Baden-Baden, Germany. The 3D contest sees world-class pilots including Mirko Cesena and Duncan Bossion taking part as well as our own Alex Hawtin from the UK.

Cambridge UAV Academy – Shaun Garrity takes his fi rst steps into attaining a commercial qualification as we team up with the highly respected Alan Perrin and the Cambridge UAV Academy.

UK Team Pilots – As alluded to in this issue’s Word of Mouth, the next few months will be packed with heli competitions and air shows around the country. A number of shops, distributors and manufacturers will have their own teams to show off their products at such events, and one of those is Midland Helicopters. We take a look at which pilots are in their team for the 2017 season.

SAB HF3C – Tim DiPeri takes a look at the SAB HF3C rotor head that is a key part of the Urukay model, which is just one of their latest Goblin releases.

Orlando Heli Blowout – The Orlando Heli Blowout wrapped up the US flying season and as it takes place in Florida, the chance of great weather was high. Our US correspondent Tim DiPeri reports from Orlando.

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