Popular sim RealFlight from Hobbico has been updated to version 7.  This massive update has added many new features and new aircraft.  Three versions are available, and all feature the same 90 planes, 30 helis and 40 flying fields.

The popular 8-channel controller in the RF7 InterLink Elite Edition has functions similar to those found on high- quality transmitters — plus conveniences engineered especially for RealFlight, such as a built-in transmitter interface and Reset/Rewind button for recovering instantly from crashes and reviewing their cause.  QuickSelect keeps your hands on the sticks when choosing software settings, instead of reaching for the keyboard and mouse . The InterLink Elite also needs no batteries and avoids adding wear and tear to your R/C transmitter.

The RF7 Tactic Tx-R Edition is especially perfect for new R/C modelers. Learn to fly with RealFlight — then unplug the TTX600 radio from the interface and fly any model aircraft equipped with a Tactic SLT receiver, including over 30 Tx-R aircraft. Like the InterLink Elite controller, the interface unit also has the popular Reset button.

Experienced pilots who’d like to fly RealFlight using the same radio they take to the field can now choose a lower-priced option without controller. The RF7 Transmitter Interface Edition comes with the sim software and interface unit and new menus in the software make it fast and easy to configure RealFlight for flying with most popular transmitters.

Modelers who already own any editions of RealFlight G4, G5 or 6 can enjoy the all the features of RF7 by purchasing the RF7 Upgrade (Software Only). See realflight.com for complete details on these latest editions of the #1 R/C flight simulator, and bonuses that include free monthly updates .


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