Representing an exciting new collection of 13 connected models and miniature robots, piloted with a smartphone or tablet via the FreeFlight 3 application, these amazing new drones are ready to join the Parrot team for action on the ground, in the air and even on water! The latest Parrot MiniDrones are Compatible with both iOS and Android devices and have range of new capabilities.

Parrot MiniDrones 2015

Airborne Cargo Drones
The Airborne Cargo Drones have been cleverly customised to carry a pilot figure and can transport miniature
freight such as toy building blocks for additional adventures and fun. Cargo Drones feature a Lego style brick pattern on top which means that any compatible figures, bricks and accessories can be attached and carried.
SSP: £79.99

Airborne Night Drones
Thanks to their powerful white LED lights, activated from the FreeFlight 3 application, the Airborne Night Drones can explore the shadows of darkness. During night patrols, the pilot can adjust the intensity of the Airborne Night Drone’s headlights and send signals, in common with their terrestrial Jumping Drones counterparts.
SSP: £99.99

Jumping Drones
Equipped with a wide angle camera that streams live immersive views on the screen of the piloting smartphone or tablet, Parrot Jumping Drones can also take pictures and videos which are stored directly on their internal 4GB flash memory. They also feature an embedded speaker and microphone which allows the user to talk and listen through them. The new Jumping Drones come in two styles: Race and Night.

Jumping Race
Equipped with two high performance brushless electric motors and a pair of large wheels fitted with wide tyres for improved traction, the Jumping Race Drones can reach up to 8mph by using a special Boost Mode, which is accessed through the FreeFlight 3 application. The two large retractable wheels adapt to different driving styles by opening for greater stability in high speed situations that’s perfect for smooth roads, and can be put into compact mode to increase agility and drive through narrow gaps.
SSP: £159.99

Jumping Night
The Jumping Night Drones can actually see in the dark, you just have to activate the powerful LED lights using the FreeFlight 3 application and adjust the intensity. The Jumping Night Drones can send light signals to indicate that the coast is clear,or give notice of danger. They can also patrol and take complete video reports, even in dark areas.
SSP: £159.99

Hydrofoil Drones
Start the MiniDrone’s engine and the hinged top section of the Hydrofoil lifts up to become upright on the nautical structure. Thanks to the four propellers of the MiniDrone, the Hydrofoil slides through the water and stays about 50cm above the surface with amazing stability and agility. As the water resistance is reduced, the Hydrofoil can reach a maximum speed of 5.4 knots (6mph) and turn in a flash without capsizing.
The MiniDrone can be separated from the Hydrofoil’s 32cm hull, to fly through the air at up to 11mph, and perform amazing aerial acrobatics on command.
SSP: £139.99

You can watch videos of the new Parrot MiniDrones in action by clicking on the following YouTube links…

Parrot Jumping Night Drones:
Parrot Jumping Race Drones:
Parrot Airborne Cargo Drones:
Parrot Airborne Night Drones:
Parrot Hydrofoil Drones:

Suitable for operation with compatible iOS & Android Smartphones and Tablets (not included), the new generation of Parrot MiniDrones will be available from all Parrot stockists in August. For more details contact the UK Distributor, Flying Toys via the company’s website at

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