Parrot has unveiled its new Bebop 2, the latest generation leisure quadcopter that delivers new features and improved performance.


Compact, robust, stable and very light (weighing only 500g), the Bebop 2 is equipped with the latest generation of sensors and technology, and boasts an incredible 25 minutes of flying time!

With impressive stability, power and manoeuvrability, even in extreme conditions, Bebop 2 offers very easy-to-use piloting with a smartphone or a tablet via Wi-Fi. It also comes with an embedded fish-eye camera, digitally stabilised on a three-axis framework, to deliver full HD videos with perfect flow and impressive brightness.

Bebop 2 is extremely easy to pilot using the FreeFlight 3 App for smartphones and tablets. Tilting the piloting device indicates the direction (forward, backward, left, right), and the Bebop 2 follows with precision. When the ‘landing’ button is touched, the drone automatically lands smoothly, whatever its altitude. Bebop 2 is also compatible with Skycontroller Black Edition, an optional RC-like controller providing an extended flight range (up to 2km).

During flight, Bebop 2 offers remarkable stability and manoeuvrability, even in tough conditions, thanks to an autopilot unlike any on the market. Data collected by seven sensors is analysed and merged thanks to the impressive calculation capability of its on-board computer (dual-core processor with CPU quad-core):

To make Bebop 2 the most advanced leisure drone on the market, Parrot engineers optimised the design of the quadcopter as well as its software and hardware battery components. The result is that the Bebop 2 is the most efficient 500g drone on the market, especially with its increased flying time. The official product launch video can be seen at

Parrot Bebop 2: MSRP: £439.99 (1 battery included)
Parrot Bebop 2 + Parrot Skycontroller Black Edition: MSRP: £759.99

The Bebop 2 is available from all major retailers. For more details contact the UK distributor, Flying Toys on 01702 295110 or visit the website at

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