Due to a misunderstanding, the results of the first Global 3D competition published in the latest issue of RC Rotorworld magazine have been misreported and contain some inaccuracies. 

Jamie Robertson

Global 3D is the new benchmark world-class 3D model helicopter competition held in Venlo, The Netherlands which is set to become a regular fixture in July each year at a location that has become synonymous with 3D helicopter competitions over the years. This year’s event was considered a great success with some of the world’s best 3D pilots competing for the coveted title. The overall winner of the ‘Ultimate Class’ was Jamie Robertson, with Dunkan Bossion second and Kan Poonnol third.

The Rotorworld editorial team would like to express its sincere apologies for the errors in the results published and for any misunderstanding or embarrassment caused. The correct results are published below and a full report from the event with all the correct information will be published in the next issue (126), out on 6th October 2016.

Global 3D 2016 Ultimate Class:

1st Jamie Roberston
2nd Dunkan Bossion
3rd Kan Poonnol
4th Luca Pescante
5th Mitch Marozas

Global 3D 2016 Expert Class:

1st Tim Kostorz
2nd Marik Wiehenstroth
3rd Henrik Clausen
4th Rasmus Jakobsen
5th Robin Lipke

Global 3D 2016 Scorpion Speed Cup:

Ultimate Class – Miles Dunkel
Stock Class – Dave Dijkmans
Small Ultimate Class – Georges van Gansen

Global 3D 2016 Night flying Competition:

1st Nils Knutt
2nd – Luca Pescante & Jacob Grimm Hansen
3rd – Kan Poonnoi
4th Marik Wiehenstroth & Robin Lipke

Global 3D 2016 Synchro Competition Winner(s):

Rachel Plant & Peter Foulkes

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