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If you’ve been following our Blade Stepping Stones series you will know that our young protégé pilot Aaron has been working his way up through the range as his flying skills develop. He’s doing really well and already starting to think about entering some competitions.


In the latest issue of the magazine, Issue 80 – December 2012, we learn what happened when he was let loose with the mCPX and was straight on to the basics. It didn’t take him more than two flights to get used to the controls and behaviour of the mCPX, which is really what we expected with the steps to date.

By the end of flight one he had the mCPX pirouetting in the hover as he had done with the Blade mSRX. Flying the model at all angles was instilled in with the Blade Scout. Within a couple of batteries Aaron has managed to get the figure of eights in check starting as recommended – slow and easy.

Aaron has now moved on and up to the latest Blade 130X and we have posted a video of him tackling the basic manoevures and talking us through them. You can view this in the video section of the website or by clicking on this direct link.


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