Team MiniAirshow – Wayne Andrews headed to a new venue of Popham Airfield in Hampshire for the annual event that features a huge range of flying events including FPV drone racing and fixed wing activities so is a natural draw for drone enthusiasts

Diary of a Newbie – The latest goings on of Shaun Taylor as he gets back into some FPV flying with his RaGG-e WBX as the DJI Mavic Pro gets a rest


Quanum Cyclops Diversity DVR Goggles – The latest version of the Cyclops get a make-over with a diversity set-up that sees it incorporate two receivers rather than one amongst other updates

Diatone GT-R90 – Supplied ready to fly minus a receiver, the GT-R90 is a 90mm framed micro quad capable of flying on a 4S. Wayne Andrews claims that this is currently the best off-the-shelf quad of its size that you can buy

OrangeRx Tx6i and Turnigy Evolution – Shaun Garrity put the OrangeRx Tx6i and Turnigy Evolution transmitters to the test which are two wallet-friendly priced models that don’t lack anything in terms of ergonomics or features

Ryze Tello – This little drone is an affordable mass-market drone equipped with DJI and Intel technology capable of recording video at 720p, a maximum speed of 18mph and 13 minute flight time. For less than £100 this new machine really stood out for all the right reasons

Gloforce Eye Light – Having a well-lit area is an essential part of building any model and the Eye Light is the perfect companion for anyone who needs to light up their workbench or table

HobbyKing Bonsai II – The Bonsai II is an update to the original 600mm flying wing and comes almost ready for flying. Manufactured in EPP foam, all it needed was a receiver to be installed and with a charged batter fitted we took to the skies

Menace Circular Polarised Antenna Pack – Wayne Andrews puts the latest pack from Menace RC to the test that comes with a couple of Pagoda-type antennas for your quad and goggles

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