Drone Positives – Derek Prior sets the record straight about drones, highlighting all the positive things that they do rather than the more controversial and often inaccurate reports we read in the papers or see on the nightly news.

Ditching FPV for Photography – Shaun Taylor’s rapid rise from drone newbie to experienced pilot continues as his latest purchase is a DJI Mavic Pro and the focus changes to aerial imagery.

Taking Control – It’s all about gloves and palm controllers as this year’s Nuremberg Toy Fair highlights the latest trends in the drone industry.

Hubsan H122D X4 Storm – The principle of the X4 Storm is to integrate the features of a racing drone and that of an FPV quadcopter so you get a carbon fibre frame, and 720p HD camera to capture stunning footage whilst still having a very capable and fun to fly drone.

Blade UM F-27 – The F-27 is an ultra micro sized that has the capability to
be fl owing can be fl own inside or out. Equipped with an FPV set-up as standard as well as built-in Spektrum AS3X stabilisation with SAFE technology, this flying wing will
appeal to a range of potential customers.

Micro Drone 3.0+ – Wayne Andrews puts the latest Micro Drone package to the test that combines high speed and 720p HD footage in the 3.0+ set. Extreme Fliers make some bold claims so we decided to check it out for ourselves.

DJI Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian – Based on the proven Phantom 4 Pro platform, the Obsidian has a distinctive look with a matt grey finish on the drone and transmitter. The other changes are subtler and focus on the camera with its 1” CMOS sensor and 4K 60fps recording capability. Our resident DJI specialist grabbed the Obsidian for testing over Christmas to find out all the details.


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