The 1SQ V-Cam is a cool new micro quadricopter from Heli-Max (A brand of US hobby giant Hobbico).  This video caught our eye as we were browsing so we thought we’d better share it.  Here at Rotorworld we are hoping this mini spycam beast comes to the UK, because it looks like a ton of fun!

  • Incredibly stable — perfect even for new pilots.
  • Auto-FLIP makes the V-Cam somersault front-to-back, back-to-front or side-to-side — just push a button and move the control stick.
  • Record video with the micro digital camera — RTF version takes still photos, too.
  • Comes with a 2GB microSD memory card and USB card reader.
  • RTF and Tx-R versions both include 1S 250mAh LiPo battery, USB LiPo battery charger and four extra rotor blades.

Check it out below:

Source: HeliMax

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