Richard Raybould (@RichardR), Ben Orrin (@Skylonrow) and Tom Stacey

The name Chelmsford Makerspace may be familiar to regular readers as it was them who helped Rotorworld’s Tom Stacey to build a Parrot AR.Drone controlled by bananas and a Raspberry Pi computer board.  The Makerspace are a community group who survive on donations alone, yet have a fascination for technology; especially new and innovative uses for it.

As they have many interesting ideas for things such as RC Quadricopters, Rotorworld thought it would be great if they could have their own AR.Drone to put to good uses, so via our friends at Flying Toys we managed to get a Drone for them to use.  We’re expecting big things from Makerspace, so watch this space as we report back on what they managed to transform their Drone into!


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